Instruction and Learning Levels

Frustration Level

If you experience the symptoms of this level, return to the Instructional Level.

  • Learner Struggles
  • Stress
  • Moods
  • Love-Hate Relationship
  • Approach-Avoidance Behavior
  • Energy Sapping
  • Negative Assessment

Real-World Practice

Hands-On Real-World Practice requires mistakes, frustration, apprehension and self-correcting.

Positive practice differs from negative, Frustration Level stress.

Mastery Learning (Over Learning) requires the positive feeling from demonstrating language fluency to others.

Instructional Level

Most effective and efficient level for teaching and learning. Attitude, Knowledge and Skills build upon assessment, structure and success.

  • Success Feelings and Success Measures
  • Realistic Goal Achievement
  • Structured
  • Planned Pace
  • Support and Encouragement
  • Comfortable Feelings
  • Assessments as you Progress
  • Specific Re-Teaching
  • Self-Affirmation

Lesson Cycle:

Assess => Teach => Guided Practice => Independent Practice => Measure Success => Next Step => Repeat

Independent Level

Homework and Self-Paced Learning Level

  • Easy
  • Minimal Effort
  • Self-Correcting
  • Self-Reinforcing
  • Feelings of Freedom
  • Approach Behavior
  • Quick, Enjoyable Assignments